Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail's CheckStream product gives you a physical address where customers can send checks. As checks are received they will be automatically opened, scanned, deposited, and added to Invoiced as a customer payment

Earth Class Mail Integration
Earth Class Mail Integration


We are going to walk you through setting up the Earth Class Mail integration. This assumes you have already signed up for an Earth Class Mail account. If not, you may sign up here.

  1. Get your Earth Class Mail API key from the Earth Class Mail application. This will be from the API Key section in the integration settings.
  2. Go to SettingsIntegrations of the Invoiced application. Click Connect underneath the Earth Class Mail integration.
  3. Enter in your Earth Class Mail API key. Click Save to enable the integration. You are now ready to start receiving checks!

Receiving checks

Checks received through your Earth Class Mail mailbox will automatically appear on Invoiced. New check deposits are added to Invoiced once per day. When a check is detected in your mailbox, we will add it to Invoiced as an unapplied payment. All of the available metadata (amount, payer, check #) along with the check image will be added to the payment. These will inform the cash application system to help you match the payment to an invoice.