ERP Connect

ERP Connect allows you to securely integrate your on-premise ERP system with Invoiced

ERP Connect Data Flow
ERP Connect Data Flow


ERP Connect can upload data in real-time to your Invoiced account(s) through one of the supported data sources. It also has the ability to download data from Invoiced on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

Data sources for ingesting data:

  • Spreadsheet files (CSV, XLS, XLSX)
  • Invoice PDFs
  • Secondary file attachments (any file type)

File formats for outputting data from Invoiced:

  • CSV
  • XLS
  • XLSX


  1. Download ERP Connect here for your operating system.
  2. Windows: Open the setup.exe file you downloaded and the installer will guide you through the installation process.

System Requirements

Operating System

Minimum Supported Version


Windows 7 or above

Mac OS X

OS X 10.10 or above

Other Requirements:

  • At least 2GB of memory
  • 1 GHz+ processor
  • 300MB of disk space


Since ERP Connect is often running in privileged environments we have taken special care to design a secure system. In order to function, ERP Connect only needs to be able to communicate with api.invoiced.com. It uses the Invoiced API to upload and download data from Invoiced. ERP Connect does not require opening any ports in your firewall or hosting a public-facing service because the application only makes outgoing API calls to Invoiced. This design makes it easier to operate ERP Connect behind a corporate firewall.

All communication with Invoiced is encrypted over a TLS 1.2+ connection. Once installed, the application will periodically check for updates and automatically upgrade to the latest version. You can learn more about the security measures taken at Invoiced on our security page.


In order to use ERP Connect you must first have an Invoiced account. Once you have an Invoiced account and ERP Connect installed then you are ready to begin using the application.

ERP Connect Application
ERP Connect Application

Creating a Mapping

The key concept in ERP Connect is a mapping. Mappings describe a data flow between Invoiced and a third party system.

The first place to start is by adding your Invoiced API key in the Settings page. You can obtain an API key from the Invoiced web application at SettingsDevelopers.

With an API key installed you are now ready to create a mapping. Click the New Mapping button to begin configuring your data flow. The application will walk you through the setup process.

Operating ERP Connect

Once configured, ERP Connect will run in the background and execute your data mappings. It is required that the computer remain on for the periods in which ERP Connect should be brokering data with Invoiced.

If you find any issues with your data syncing then you can go to the Errors page in the application for troubleshooting.